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Improve your productivity with soft skills training in leadership, teamwork and problem solving tailored to the space sector, delivered by a former astronaut instructor and human behaviour and performance expert.

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We teach your teams to work better together.

Oxford Human Performance teach you how to get the most out of yourself and your teams. We deliver soft skills training to compliment your knowledge and expertise so that nothing stands between you and doing your best work.

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Susan Charlesworth
Founder of Oxford Human Performance
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Upskill your people

Training and coaching to upskill everyone in your business.

Agile, flexible and innovative workforces depend on great collaborative working, mentoring, training, and communication.

The UK Space Agency's Space Sector Skills Survey found that these skills are in high demand in the space sector, where human error becomes a safety critical issue.

At Oxford Human Performance we train your people in these vital skills to make your business more productive.


Better problem solving

We teach you to collaborate productively, so that your whole team's expertise can be brought to bear against complex problems, speeding up your response to change and giving you a competitive advantage.


More innovation and smarter risk taking

We teach you how to build high trust, high performance environments where people give and take feedback, propose more radical ideas, take calculated risks and ask the stupid questions that lead to groundbreaking innovation.


Increased personal growth

We help you to discover new concepts and approaches from colleagues with different experiences. Embrace learning from failure and reduce human error with open and honest working practices which bring out the best in you and your team.


Happier workplaces

Stress makes us stupid and leads to mistakes. 23% of employees feel burned out at work very often or always. We introduce techniques and practices which reduce stress and improve job satisfaction.

Why us

Training and coaching designed specifically for you.

Soft skills are hard to learn. We have the knowledge and experience to add the value your business needs.

Susan Charlesworth, our Founder and Lead Coach, trained Astronauts, Ground Control Crew and Antarctic explorers with precisely the techniques we deliver today. The lessons we teach are based on the hard won and highly transferable human behaviour and performance skills used in these demanding disciplines.

We have a unique perspective to successfully train technical people in non-technical skills.

Our evidence based approach compliments the way your workforce learns and provides them with tangible tools, techniques and procedures to level up their human interactions.

Susan Charlesworth

A human performance expert...

Susan has worked in the space sector for over a decade at the European Astronaut Centre and the UK Space Agency.

...who has trained the highest performing teams

Susan trained Astronauts, Ground Control Crew and Antarctic explorers in Human Behaviour and Performance for the European Space Agency at the European Astronaut Centre.

A picture of Susan Charlesworth
BSc in Experimental Psychology from the University of Bristol.
MSc in Human Factors and Safety in Aeronautics from Cranfield University
Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching from the Coaching Academy.
Certified to deliver DISC Personality Profiling
Qualified Pilot
Worked on Tim Peake's Principia Mission
Happy clients

Feedback worth sharing!

"Working with Susie has been a breath of fresh air! When you are striving for excellence you need Susie to come and pave the final step. She showed us that everything we needed we already had, we just weren’t applying it right."

Freddie Gibbs
Designer and Studio Manager

Graham Tillbury

Hard Landscape Site Manager

Susan is a fantastic tutor and we look forward to working with her again in the future.


Jack McKenna

Contracts Manager

Susie’s sessions were very informative and relatable. She makes you feel comfortable whilst ensuring the relevant points and information are delivered.


Hannah Galliers

Finance Manager
IT Services Company

Working with Susan was invaluable. I gained really deep insights into what was holding me back. Thank you so much for your help!


Sarah Wilson

Director of Communications
Global Swiss jewellery group

Susan was brilliant at encouraging me to challenge myself. I had some great breakthrough moments. She encouraged me to believe in my own thoughts and feelings, finding strengths that I didn't really believe I had.


Sam Gibson

Director of Operations

Susie led a great series of training sessions, her coaching style extracted the content from the group, rather than feeding to the group. Exciting to take this forward! Thank you!


Richard Holt

Landscape Contracts Manager

The training sessions were engaging and well structured. We learned a lot about our own roles and personality and how others perceive us - Thanks Susie!

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Coaching and training packages to sustainably improve the soft skills within your organisation.

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